Bremerhaven Germany Welcomes Handala


Bremerhaven Welcomes Handala as Part of the Freedom Flotilla Initiative

On Monday 13.05 the Handala was greeted by local support group including Palestine Community from Bremenhaven, Seeds of Palestine from Bremen and Palestine Speaks Hamburg.

An Infostand with different visual demonstration of the statistic of genocide was set up at Große Kirche
During the well attended evening program the audience heard from John Sóos (Canada), Zohar and Sümeyra (Break the Siege participant, Germany).
Sümeyra (Break the Siege participant, Germany)
From left to right: Ivesa Lübbenm, Ranya Dakkour and Inge Höger
a vigil was held at Emigration House
Live music at the vigil
From John Sóos: Yesterday evening a joyful, spontaneous gathering of no less than 75 people – perhaps a hundred at its peek – visited Handala at the pier in Bremerhaven. Singing, sharing stories, experiencing the heartfelt warmth of being accepted by a loving community was magical. A beautiful expression of genuine solidarity. One especially moving moment was  the presentation of a bottle containing messages of hope and encouragement written by children to be tossed into the sea as we approach Gaza. What we do is important. Grateful to be part of this fabulous movement. Thank you to all for this rich and meaningful voyage. Palestine must be free!

On Tuesday 14.05  In the evening there was a Nakba exhibition and speeches by:
Ivesa Lübben (ongoin Nakba)
Dr. Wesam Amer (Update from Gaza)
Perta Scharrelmann (weapon exports Bremen/Bremenhaven)

Inge Höger (sailed on the Mavi Marmara)

Following the event people gathered at the boat.
On Wednesday 15.05 John Soós and Zohar represented the Freedom Flotilla at the Nakba demonstration organized by Thawra from Hamburg and Students for Palestine Kiel among others.

The demo ended at the protest camp

The Handala delayed its departure from Bremenhaven because of bad weather then set off on Friday 17.05 only to turn back and return to the harbour due to technical problems. During the extended stay until Thursday 23.05 the local support group continued to help the crew in more ways than we can count, for which we are very grateful.

Bremerhaven, Germany – The Palestinian community in Bremerhaven, together with various partners, is pleased to welcome the arrival of the Handala Ship as part of its Europe tour to raise awareness of the ongoing blockade and humanitarian challenges in the Gaza Strip. Named after the well-known Palestinian cartoon character Handala, who symbolizes resistance and determination, the ship is traveling through countries to highlight the impacts of the blockade and to call for international solidarity.

Cooperation partners include:

  • Palestine Community from Bremenhaven
  • Seeds of Palestine from Bremen
  • Palestine Speaks Hamburg
  • Yusef Foundation e.V. from Delmenhorst
  • Thawra from Hamburg
  • Students for Palestine Kiel

Program in Bremerhaven:

Monday, May 13, 2024:

10-12 AM: Reception at the ship, Jaich Lloyd Marina, Bremerhaven
12-2 PM: Small city tour
3-4 PM: Information stand at the Bgm.-Smidt Memorial Church (Big Church), Bremerhaven
5-9 PM: Evening event, Neubrückshelmer 21, Bremerhaven

Tuesday, May 14, 2024:

11 AM-1 PM: Painting the ship, Jaich Lloyd Marina, Bremerhaven2-4 PM: Information stand at the Emigration House on Columbus Street 66, Bremerhaven
5-9 PM: Visit to the Nakba exhibition and the evening program at Neubrückshelmer 21, Bremerhaven

Wednesday, May 15, 2024:

5:30 PM: Demonstration in Hamburg at Hachmannplatz, Hamburg

About the Freedom Flotilla Coalition:
The Freedom Flotilla Coalition has long been actively engaged in lifting the illegal land, air, and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip. Through direct actions and public education, the coalition aims to create comprehensive awareness of the impacts of this blockade, especially on children and youth.

We warmly invite you to report on this significant event to reach a broader public and to strengthen solidarity with the people of Gaza. Your coverage can make a significant difference.Bremerhaven

Contact for further information and media inquiries:

Yusef Aslan
0176 66 10 61 48
[email protected]