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Sailing again against the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza

Previous Freedom Flotilla vessels include: the U.S. boat "The Audacity of Hope" (2011, AP Photo/Darko Bandic), "Estelle" 2012, "Marianne" (2015, Pablo Miranzo), "Al Awda / The Return" (2018), "Freedom" (2018, Awni Farhat) قوارب اسطول الحريه السابقة تشمل القارب الامريكي " جرأة الامل "صوره داركو بانديك 2011، "إستيل"2012، "ماريان"صوره بابلو ميرانزو 2015، العوده 2018، الحريه صوره عوني فرحات 2018

The next Freedom Flotilla to Gaza (For the Children of Gaza) has been postponed due to the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic. We will sail again when the ongoing global health restrictions on travel and public gatherings permit, making it safe and practical for our campaigns to visit ports.

We had initially planned to sail to and visit several southern European ports in April and May 2020, before heading to Gaza to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara and other Freedom Flotilla vessels on 31 May 2010, that killed 10 peace activists and injured many others.

With the help of supporters like you, we recently purchased a boat for the next voyage and are continuing to fit it out, including with vital safety and communications equipment. Please visit our updated website for news, including pictures on the progress with this boat and our preparations over the coming months.

We join organizations like the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza in calling on the international community and the World Health Organization to pressure Israeli authorities to allow entry of medical supplies and equipment necessary during the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic.

While access to international medical aid is vital to surviving the current crisis, we know that the only lasting peaceful solution is a permanent end to the 13 year blockade, with full freedom of movement for all Palestinians.

While the world’s eyes are focused on the Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank, let us recall that this is a continuation of the Israeli policy of isolating Palestinian enclaves, making the Areas A and B in the West Bank into ghettos
like Gaza has been since the early 1990s. We must all hold our governments to account – it is their political complicity that allows Israel to maintain the illegal blockade of Gaza and prevents Palestinian refugees from exercising their right of return to their homeland.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing support – it is greatly appreciated. Please do what you can to stay healthy and engaged with solidarity campaigns. Together we can help end the blockade.

In solidarity,

Freedom Flotilla Coalition