Endorse The Freedom Flotilla-Old

Other Endorsements:

Israel’s ultimate aim is to normalize its violent occupation of Palestine, the horrific siege on Gaza and the adjoining racist apartheid system. The Palestinian people are fighting back, to ensure that their oppression is not made normal, that apartheid is fully dismantled and military occupation is finally defeated.

A crucial factor that will help Palestinians achieve their freedom is international solidarity that is predicated on direct, meaningful and sustainable action. The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is a powerful expression of the kind of practical international solidarity that will aid Palestinians in their noble quest for justice.

The methods used by courageous activists who are braving the sea to reach the besieged Palestinians in Gaza and to raise awareness of the tremendous suffering in the impoverished and fully isolated region, places Israeli war criminals at the dock of the world’s public opinion.

Such morally-driven global solidarity is not only a PR disaster for Israel, as it exposes its ongoing war crimes in Palestine, it is also a massive moral boost to besieged Palestinians – an urgent reminder that they are not alone in this defining fight between a resisting nation and a violent, racist colonizer.