Sample Port Activities

Here is a cumulative list of activities that different ports have put on in the past.  Some of these may be of interest or give you ideas on how to make Handala‘s visit most meaningful and engaging for your community:

  • Music: Local music groups bring out fans and attract attention of passersby. 
  • Solidarity organization gatherings: Events with local unions, Palestinian solidarity groups, fishers, school or children groups.
  • Speeches: These can be from solidarity groups, local or outside Palestinian activists, local politicians, activists, other.
  • Parade: March through town with solidarity activists, flags, signs and chants.
  • Dabke (traditional Palestinian dancing) and music by local artists can get locals engaged and participating.
  • Graffiti artists:  Decorate the boat with Free Gaza or Handala messages.
  • Clowns, artists, street theatre,  entertainers:  This can tailored for children with our theme of “For the Children of Gaza.”
  • Meet with officials and media.  Arrange meetings with people on the boat for interviews and press briefings.
  • Evening community meetings. Hold panel discussions on the situation. Can also show a film.