• The May 2021 Massacre

    The May 2021 Massacre

    See coverage most Western media don’t show us on what happened in May 2021. This Al Jazeera program entitled “60-Minute Warning” provides both context and details of what was destroyed by Israeli forces in Gaza.  

  • Health Crisis in Gaza-Exclusive Interview

    Health Crisis in Gaza-Exclusive Interview

    VIDEO: An exclusive interview with Dr Medhat Abbas, spokesperson for Gaza’s Ministry of Health, on 18 August 2021. Dr Abbas describes the current health crisis facing Gaza in the aftermath of Israel’s devastating 11-day bombardment in May, and their crippling 15 year siege, plus the Covid pandemic. Interviewer: Gaza journalist Wafaa Aludaini for Kia Ora […]

  • Thank you for the endorsement…

    We appreciate the endorsement of the new prime minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, and his concern over how the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is portrayed in the media. (Historical interview)