Thomas Høiseth

Thomas Høiseth (Norway)

My name is Thomas Høiseth. I am 60 years of age and I am educated psychologist. At the present time I am head of an outpatient psychiatric Clinic in Bergen, Norway.

As a psychologist I am well aware of what violence, suppression and harassment does to a human being, especially to children.

The occupation of Palestinian territory has for decades been a subject of my attention. During my two trips to the West Bank I have heard stories and witnessed injustice, harassment and systematic suppression by the Zionist regime. The case in Gaza is particularly concerning, considering that Gaza is the biggest prison on earth. During my latest trip to the West Bank, I saw examples of how the Israeli occupation constitutes an apartheid policy and a war on children and on the future of humanity.

Five years ago I took part in the preparation of Al-Awda, one of the 2018 Freedom Flotilla boats, and when the opportunity came for me to participate and contribute as a sailor and even in the role as a Captain on one of the legs in this year’s flotilla, I felt an urge to embrace it. Why? Because the people of Palestine, especially the children, need for the world to know how they are becoming targets of cruel and systematic efforts and acts to steal their future.

The Freedom Flotilla tour of ports will provide an arena to tell the coastal communities about the apartheid regime in Israel, about Israel’s violations of human rights – rights that have been ratified by the UN.

As chair of the Palestinian Committee in Bergen, this campaign will give fuel and inspiration to future activities as well as a way of connecting with others who also stand for human rights.