Awni on the deck of Handala, beside a Palestinian flag, with green shoreline in the background, going through the Caledonian Canal in Scotland.

Awni Farhat (Palestine)

Awni is a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, born and raised in Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza. In Gaza, Awni worked with children and youth with a wide range of civil society organizations, including the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) as a project coordinator. For two years, he was also the Products and Endorsements Coordinator of an international Freedom Flotilla project, Gaza’s Ark. Awni has been living in the Netherlands for the last 6 years where he earned Masters degree in Human Rights and Conflict Studies, and he now works with an international Dutch Development non profit organisation based in The Hague. 

 Awni participated in the 2018 Flotilla “For a Just Future for Palestine”  Flotilla, and is on board Handala this year from Scotland to Liverpool. He comments:

“The most powerful and touching experience I have had is witnessing the Palestinian flag proudly fluttering atop Handala as it traversed the Scottish Highlands, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Irish Sea, finally reaching Liverpool. It is a strong reminder to us that Palestinians should and must be able to exercise their fundamental right to move freely and unrestrictedly.”

Awni can be interviewed in English or in Arabic. Watch this 2018 interview by Dimitri Lascaris with Youssef Samour and Awni, from 2018 on The Real News Network.