2024 'Break the Siege' Emergency Flotilla Reporting

Wisconsin human rights activist frustrated after blocked attempt to bring aid to Palestinians
Wisconsin Public Radio / May 27, 2024 

Amid Full-Blown Famine, Freedom Flotilla’s 2024 Aid Mission to Gaza Delayed
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs / June-July 2024 (posted May 21, 2024)

Aktivisten-Schiff erregt Aufmerksamkeit im Neuen Hafen (in German)
Nordsee-Zeitung / May 14, 2024 

Misión incumplida: sobre la cobertura de El Salto de la Flotilla rumbo a Gaza (Mission unfulfilled: on El Salto’s coverage of the Flotilla)
El Salto / April 28, 2024 

Will the Freedom Flotilla Sail to Gaza?
Consortium News / April 24, 2024 

Freedom Flotilla for Gaza (from 44:11) 
3CR Green Left Weekly Radio / April 19, 2024

Former mayor of Barcelona will join the Freedom Flotilla mission to Gaza 
Anadolu Agency (in Spanish) / April 17, 2024 

$50b more committed for defence capability (from 9:26) 
ABC  (Australia) Radio / April 17, 2024

The Australian risking his life to bring aid to Gaza
ABC (Australia) Radio / April 17, 2024

Ann Wright talks mission to sail aid to Gaza
Hawaii Public Radio / April 12, 2024 

The Conversation: Freedom Flotilla to sail to Gaza (approx. first 9 min)
Hawaii Public Radio / April 11, 2024

Flashpoints (from 45:44)
KPFA / April 11, 2024

Freedom Flotilla Coalition Sets Sail (from 1:03:45)
3CR Radio / April 11, 2024

Aid Flotilla Heading to Gaza to Break Siege
Consortium News / April 9, 2024 

International Civilian Aid Flotilla to Break the Siege of Gaza
San Francisco Bay View /  April 8, 2024

Ann Wright on Sailing Ships of Food to Gaza
Talk World Radio / April 8, 2024

זו הדרך נשלמות ההכנות בנמלים ברחבי הים התיכון לקראת משט החירות הבינלאומי עם סיוע לתושבי עזה [English: Preparations are being completed in ports throughout the Mediterranean for the international freedom flotilla with aid to the residents of Gaza.]
Zohaderech / April 6, 2024

Gaat de ‘Vrijheidsvloot’ het humanitaire tij in Gaza keren? ‘Straks zijn er geen mensen meer om te helpen’  [English: Will the Freedom Fleet turn the humanitarian tide in Gaza?]
nederlandstagblad / April 5, 2024