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Noam Chomsky commending flotilla participants for being “sparks of humanity” and wishing “best success in this remarkable enterprise.”

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd speaking in 2018 about the Freedom Flotilla’s mission.

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We appreciate the endorsement of the previous prime minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, and his concern over how the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is portrayed in the media. (Historical interview)

Dr. Ilan Pappé – University of Exeter

“As in the past,Dr. Ilan Pappé flotillas like this are a lifeline for the people of the besieged Gaza Strip, first and foremost. They are also a reminder that the world has not forgotten them and still cares. It is also a demonstration of humanity in the fact of the Israeli inhumanity in the way it treats the people in the Gaza Strip. I salute the brave people who take part in this and I believe strongly that they will be remember as contributing significantly for the liberation of Palestine and freedom for all its people.”

Associate Professor Haidar Eid sharing a call-to-action for people of conscience for the people of Gaza.

Dr. Ramzy Baroud sharing in 2024 three reasons that the Freedom Flotilla is important.

Israel’s ultimate aim is to normalize its violent occupation of Palestine, the horrific siege on Gaza and the adjoining racist apartheid system. The Palestinian people are fighting back, to ensure that their oppression is not made normal, that apartheid is fully dismantled and military occupation is finally defeated.

A crucial factor that will help Palestinians achieve their freedom is international solidarity that is predicated on direct, meaningful and sustainable action. The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is a powerful expression of the kind of practical international solidarity that will aid Palestinians in their noble quest for justice.

The methods used by courageous activists who are braving the sea to reach the besieged Palestinians in Gaza and to raise awareness of the tremendous suffering in the impoverished and fully isolated region, places Israeli war criminals at the dock of the world’s public opinion.

Such morally-driven global solidarity is not only a PR disaster for Israel, as it exposes its ongoing war crimes in Palestine, it is also a massive moral boost to besieged Palestinians – an urgent reminder that they are not alone in this defining fight between a resisting nation and a violent, racist colonizer.


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