Our Approach

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition works to end the blockade of Gaza in multiple ways:

  1. We Challenge The Blockade – By sailing boats to Gaza, we show the world that the blockade is a form of collective punishment against civilians and a violation of internationally recognized rights to freedom of movement. Through our nonviolent actions we show the true nature of the Israeli Occupation Forces: they steal our boats and take them to Israel where we have no intention of going; they violently attack and abuse unarmed, peaceful civilians; and they confiscate personal property, the ship and medical supplies which we are transporting to the Palestinian people of Gaza. Israel’s reaction to our international solidarity is only a reminder of the much greater, ongoing inhumanity of their treatment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.
  2. We Raise Awareness – Along the route of the flotilla we stop at ports and schedule events where we share with the local population information on Gaza and the repercussions of the blockade. We also work with media outlets to cover the flotilla raising

    awareness of the importance of the crimes being committed against the Palestinians. Informational events are held by our member campaigns to raise awareness even in places where our boats do not stop.

  3. We Challenge The Blockade In The CourtsLegal follow up includes a case which is still before the International Criminal Court for the lethal attack on the 2010 Flotilla, as well as others in various countries. We respond to Israeli authorities in court as they try to legalize the stealing of our boats and medical supplies.
  4. We Respond To Gaza – Freedom Flotillas sail at the request of civil society groups in Gaza that wish for more international attention to the disastrous effects of the illegal Israel blockade on Gaza. We work with partners, like We Are Not Numbers on the ground including sponsoring short documentary videos describing life in Gaza. We have also in the past worked to equip a boat in Gaza to challenge the blockade by sailing from the inside out with export goods.
  5. We Offer Hope and Inspiration – By standing steadfast for the rights of the Palestinian people and especially those in Gaza, we offer hope and knowledge that they are not alone. One young woman from our partners We Are Not Numbers in Gaza wrote ‘Feminist boat’ inspires hope about our 2016 Women’s Boat to Gaza flotilla.