Ili Suhaimi

Ili Suhaimi (Malaysia)

Dr. Ili Suhaimi was born and raised in Malaysia, a country well-known for its support for the Palestinian cause. She is affiliated with MyCARE, a Malaysian-based organisation that is a member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. She believes in the freedom and human rights of the Palestinians, especially for the children who are the future leaders. She resides in the West of Scotland, UK where she works as a trained doctor.

“The Palestinian people are being subjected to relentless aggression and oppression under inhumane living condition for years. The blatant disregard of international laws the Israeli government is getting away with, and the direct impact it has especially on the most vulnerable people – the women and children – are appalling.

If the Israeli army is trying to ‘defend’ itself, then why are Palestinian hospitals, schools and homes being bombed? Why are the women, elderly and children being attacked? Why are medical aid, food and water being denied entry?

This violation of human rights would not have been acceptable by any standards anywhere else.

As an individual, I do not have the power to change the situation however I can still do my part by helping to raise awareness and standing in solidarity. The world needs to know, and rise together against this injustice and oppression. How could you still stand in silence if you actually have a heart?’

Ili Suhaim

Dr. Ili Suhaimi can be interviewed in English and Malay.