Thea Gardellin

Thea Valentina Gardellin (Italy)

I am a language instructor, translator, businessperson, and a volunteer clown therapist in hospitals, in refugee camps and in earthquakes as well as in areas struck by different natural disasters.

Why support the Freedom Flotilla Coalition?

Because it talks about hope and hope is what we need to feed our souls on.

Handala is hope. Handala talks about freedom, the freedom of Palestine and the freedom of all Palestinians living in their homeland as well as in the diaspora.

Ever since the age of 16 I have been an activist resisting US military bases, NATO and apartheid.

My father taught me how to be strong and how to “fight,” a fight that has nothing to do with weapons but much to do with compassion,
understanding and awareness.

I love cooking … and cooking on Handala is all about resistance … beautiful resistance.

Once on the boat, I would have never gotten off board … it seems to me as one of the safest places I have ever been to.

Thea Gardellin