Handala Stops in Sweden May 3-8, 2024

Join Handala during its Swedish Stops

1.Lysekil: The port of Lysekil will be Handala‘s first stop in Sweden. The boat is arriving on May 3 at 4 pm at Anderssons Kaj.  Please stay posted for the Lysekil programme as it gets updated.

2. Gothenburg which is Sweden’s second largest city is receiving Handala for two days between the 4th and the 6th of May. The boat will be docked at Lilla Bommen, right next to the Gothenburg Opera house. A large demonstration will meet the boat when it arrives on 3 pm Saturday. On Sunday the events will continue at 3 pm and early Monday morning the crew will continue its journey South towards Halmstad.

The programme is the following:

04/05 – Gothenburg: 15:00:

  • Arrival of Handala. Children will greet the boat
  • Ship to Gaza spokesperson Jeanette Escanilla speaks
  • Kiriaka percussion band plays
  • Mahmoud Al-Kurd from Shut down Elbit speaks
  • Greetings from child in Gaza with translation
  • HD plays
  • Henry Ascher, doctor and former Ship to Gaza veteran speaks
  • Samir Jeresi speaks
  • Moria Theater performs Voices from Gaza

05/05 – 15:00

  • Captain speaks
  • Palestine Vision Society make activities
  • Conversation with Palestinian doctors about the situation in Gaza
  • Activist network Allt åt Alla speaks
  • David Bäck plays
  • Gert Gelotte speaks

3. Halmstad is the third stop in Sweden on Handala‘s trip. There, the boat will arrive in the evening and stay until early next morning. During the evening, graffiti artists will paint the boat and there will be plenty of children activities. After the event, a Ship to Gaza evening is planned at Roots – Norre Port. On May 7 at 11:00 the ship will sail, and you are welcome to take farewell of Handala.

05/05 – Halmstad: Evening:

  • 17:30 Gathering at Strandgatan 5
  • 18:00 The boat arrives
  • Antoni Norén Almén from Palestinagruppen Halmstad speaks
  • Jörgen Magnusson sings
  • Per Österberg, pastor from Equmeniakyrkan speaks
  • Hans Johansson from the Communist party Halmstad speaks
  • Izabelle Norén sings
  • Willy Schütte from the Left party Halmstad speaks
  • Tale from Palestinian girl
  • Moria Theater performs Voices from Gaza
  • Speech from Social democrats Halmstad
  • Nynningen, Stefan Sundström & Karin Renberg performsl
  • Ship to Gaza spokesperson Jeanette Escanilla speaks

4. Helsingborg will be the 4th Swedish port Handala will visit. The boat arrives on the afternoon on the 7th of May and stays for one night. The location for the event will be Norra hamnen right behind Dunkers kulturhus. A official farewell takes place at 11:00 on the 8th of May.

07/05 – 08/05 – Helsingborg :

  • 16:30 Gathering 17:00 The boat arrives
  • Jasmine Felestin from Right to Return Helsingborg will be conferencier
  • Ship to Gaza spokesperson Jeanette Escanilla speaks
  • Palestinian childrens group sings the song “Ge oss friheten” (Give us the freedom)
  • Captain speaks
  • Nynningen, General Knas and Stefan Sundström perform
  • Marwa Moustafa speaks
  • Palestinian folk dance with dance group Silwan
  • Tomas Gustafsson from the Left party Helsingborg speaks
  • Mohammed Diab, Palestinian artist performs
  • Ali Hadrous from 194 Landskrona speaks
  • Joel Assarsson from the Communist party speaks

08/05 – 10/05 –  Malmö :

Handala arrives in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city on the 8th of May at 15:00. Handala is welcomed by local groups at Dockan Marina. Handala‘s visit coincides with Eurovision Song Contest and Ship to Gaza will participate and speak at a large demonstration on the 9th against the participation of Israel. After the initial programme at the marina in Malmö, the events continue at Panora cinema at 18:30 where Sandra Barilaro will hold a book release of the book: Against Erasure: A Photographic Memory of Palestine Before the Nakba. After the book release there will be a showing of the movie Även de döda har ett namn (Even the dead have a name) in support for Ship to Gaza.

  • 15:00 The ship arrives
  • Mikael Wiehe performs
  • Aseil from Gaza speaks
  • Nynningen performs
  • Hayna from Dima speaks
  • Latinos for Palestine Speak
  • Stefan Sundström speak
  • Speech from Palestinagrupperna
  • General Knas performs
  • Poetry with Merima and Abdallah
  • Yomn Kadoura from the Left party speaks

For the latest on the Swedish Ship to Gaza plans, please check their website at: https://shiptogaza.se/