International meeting in response to Gaza emergency

La Spezia, Italy, November 3rd, 2013

As the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza passed its 2,300th day and as the effects of this blockade are magnified by an Egyptian crackdown on the Rafah tunnels and crossing, representatives of more than a dozen of international organizations met in La Spezia, Italy to organize against the blockade of Gaza and work to defend the basic human rights of the Palestinian people, in particular the right of freedom of movement.

The meeting included delegates from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK.

The attendees decided to promote and support a worldwide campaign in favour of the children of Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinian children in Gaza will undertake a public launch of mini-Arks from the port of Gaza as a message of hope to the world expressing their demand of freedom and normal life (

The organizations in attendance also decided to adopt worldwide actions on the popular and political levels to bring awareness to the plight of the Palestinian people of Gaza and to actively challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza and the Egyptian closure of Rafah. These action plans will be announced in due time.

Attending organizations and groups (in alphabetical order):

Canadian Boat to Gaza
European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza
Free Gaza Denmark
Freedom Flotilla Italia
Gaza’s Ark
IHH Turkey

International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza 
Miles of Smiles Belgium
Miles of Smiles Libya
Miles of Smiles Sweden

Miles of Smiles UK
Rumbo a Gaza
Ship to Gaza Greece
Ship to Gaza Norway
Ship to Gaza Sweden

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