Freedom Flotilla III will sail during the first half of 2015

Former Tunisian President affirms that he will be on board

Tunis, March 30, 2015

Representatives of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) and partner organizations traveled to Tunis last week where they participated in the World Social Forum.  During the WSF they met with several Palestinian and Tunisian civil society organizations.

FFC representatives were also received by Dr. Moncef Marzouki, former President of Tunisia and renowned Human Rights defender.  During the meeting Dr. Marzouki gave FFC his full support and confirmed that he will be on board of one of Freedom Flotilla III (FF3) ships.

The week was concluded with an internal FFC and partners meeting during which the FFC points of unity were reconfirmed. The group agreed that FF3 will sail, as planned, within the first half of 2015, with at least three ships.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is more critical than ever and is worsening by the day. Media apathy and inaction by most governments puts the burden on civil society organizations, as ourselves, to take the lead in challenging the blockade. Our flotillas will continue to sail until the illegal blockade of Gaza is permanently lifted.

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