Freedom Flotilla Coalition responds to PNGO call

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) respects the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations Network (PNGO)’s call of 1 February for serious pressure to be exerted (in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1860) to end Israel’s illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.
PNGO’s call comes as the Palestinians of Gaza enter their sixteenth year of air, sea and land blockade.
For the residents of Gaza, the blockade’s cumulative impacts have been devastating, affecting all aspects of economic, social and political life. The humanitarian and health crisis facing the Gaza Strip deteriorates year-on-year. As noted by PNGO, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has stressed that at least 60% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Preventative action for the Palestinians of Gaza has never been more urgent given the recent emergence of Israel’s new governing coalition – widely regarded as the most far-right and racist government since the Nakba.

The FFC supports the PNGO call and stands firmly in solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza amidst the grave challenges they are currently facing due to Israel’s ongoing illegal blockade. To this end, the FFC restates that its work to expand efforts to break the blockade will continue throughout 2023. We will keep sailing until Palestine is free.

The FFC calls on all other organisations working within the Palestine solidarity movement to join us in working towards the implementation of PNGO’s call. We urge all people of conscience and everyone involved in Palestinian solidarity movements to increase their array of available resources to assist Palestinian people to end the illegal blockade.

We remain committed to playing a central part in this cooperative, movement building process, and we hope – with this in mind – that our collective efforts can bring us one step closer to ending the inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Source: Auto Draft