Why Doesn’t the US Air Drop Supplies into Gaza?

Freedom Flotilla Steering Committee member Col. Ann Wright tweeted the following message:
@POTUS @SecBlinken If the Jordanians can air drop supplies into Gaza, why doesn’t the US? the US has 2 aircraft carriers offshore Gaza that could deliver tons of food and water—If YOU would let them save starving Palestinians!!!”

The Jordanians have been dropping supplies and the United States claims to want to protect civilian lives yet what actions does the US take?  The US does not allow for a ceasefire resolution to pass in the Security Council, continues to provide weapons used against Palestinian civilians, requires Israel inspect and therefore slow down and limit humanitarian supplies to a starving population in need of medical supplies.  It’s time the US ended its complicity in this genocide and mass displacement.  It’s time the US actively protected civilian life and self-determination for the people in Gaza.  It’s time the US start by air dropping the needed supplies as Jordan has shown can be done.