Rotterdam, Holland

Local group – Rotterdam Palestina Coalitie

After prolonged negotiations with the Dutch Port Authority, ‘Handala’ is finally docked in Rotterdam!

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition had organized a place to dock with Rotterdam City Marina but for undisclosed reasons, were prevented from docking in the planned location. This delay impacted our peaceful event and demonstration to welcome ‘Handala’ where children had drawn pictures and letters of support to send to Palestinian people in Gaza.

(Dutch police followed us to make sure of our final docking destination.)

With the support of the local support group, we managed to dock close to the event’s space. It shows how much the blockade is present not just in Gaza but in Europe.

(Docking spot at the Rotterdam’s welcoming event).

During the event, John Turnbull, a representative of Canada Boat to Gaza, said “While engaging on this mission, the Palestinians are teaching us how to resist”.

John Turnbull

Zohar Chamberlain Regev, FFC Representative said: The FFC boats are a symbol of resistance and a direct action meant to encourage people to do something and not stay passive in the face of genocide.

Activities with children in the community center

Anita Risseeuw from the Rotterdam Palestina Coalitie said: ‘’ With a genocide taking place in Gaza, the campaign of the Freedom Flotilla is extremely important. For the children of Gaza, we thank the heroes of the Handala. Free Palestine’’

We would like to say thanks to the local campaign for welcoming us into Rotterdam.

Handala will continue to challenge the complicity of European countries on a journey to break the siege of Gaza. Next stop, Cork!