Welcome on Handala and this Handala chat group!

This is an internal comms group. Topics discussed on the boat and in this group, stay in the boat and here. Do not share anything discussed in the group externally.

Please note that the captain is responsible for the ship and a condition for coming on board is that we always do as the captain requests. This is for our safety, the boat, and a successful voyage.

In addition we have an FFC Media and FFC Steering Committee representative onboard. He/she/they are the official spokespeople for the Freedom Flotilla Committee. The SC representative will explain what is information that you can share and what is confidential. For example, there are no pictures to be taken of the bridge (other than out the windows) or engine room.

In this Signal group, we will share:

  • Information regarding events, activities, ports and general engagement strategy.  This is the appropriate chat group to use to communicate your movements and plans while onboard Handala and out in the ports.
  • Tasks for participants, teams, dates, shifts, logistics, operations and general information onboard Handala.

Be respectful re dynamics in the kitchen and overall maintenance onboard.

Here is the link to learn about FFC: https://freedomflotilla.org/who-we-are/

Here is the link to the FFC Key Talking Points, please get yourself familiar with them for your conversations with people in the ports: https://docs.google.com/document/d/114ssJaqGEN6GplFM-yJ9jVUJi4502jWf/

Here is the link from the UN demanding safe passage for the Flotilla:

During events, please share your photos and videos in this chat group so that we can document the flotilla’s impact on communities with whom we interact. We also greatly appreciate any write ups of events to publish on our website describing events and the groups involved.

If you do not know the answer to a question, please, ask the captain or SC representative.

Thank you very much and welcome aboard!