Handala in Lykesyl

Handala Arrives In Lysekil

Handala arrived in Lysekil just after 16:00 with the Palestinian flags waving in the wind. A hundred people received the boat with music, food and plenty of Palestinian flags on the port side as well. The warm welcome in the afternoon sun lasted two hours and the children were invited on board to see the ship that will travel to Gaza.

Jonatan Michaneck from the Ship to Gaza Sweden steering committee spoke about Handalas purpose and mission. Per-Gunnar Alhström from the Communist Party Lysekil, Gunilla Fasth from the Left Party Munkedal, and Ulf Nilsson from the Social Democrats in Tanumshede all spoke about the importance of agreeing with each other in the Palestinian issue and they expressed their strong support and endorsement of Ship to Gaza. The Swedish-Cuban society expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people and spoke about the similarities between the blockade of Gaza and the US embargo of Cuba. Yara Chatt from Uddevalla spoke about the genocide in Gaza and the horrific situation the women in Gaza are in and the challenges they urgently face.

The event ended with Palestinian songs and wishes for Handala on its journey towards breaking the naval blockade of Gaza. On Saturday morning Handala leaves Lysekil to go to Gothenburg where its expected to arrive at 15:00.