Handala In Göteborg

Handala arrived at 15:00 04/05 at the docks by the opera house in Gothenburg and was welcomed by a large demonstration that had marched through the city.

Chairwoman of Ship to Gaza Sweden Jeanette Escanilla spoke for the crowd when Handala arrived. She talked about the history of Ship to Gaza, our struggle to break the naval blockade and our promise to the population of Gaza to fight until we had succeeded. She thanked Gothenburg for their commitment to Palestine and Ship to Gaza and went on to talk about Handala and the campaign for the children of Gaza.

The Kiriaka percussion orchestra was presented with a certificate of appreciation for their generous donation to Ship to Gaza and then continued to play a round for the audience.

Gaza-born Palestinian Mahmoud Al-Kurd spoke from the activist network “Shut Down Elbit”, recounting his childhood in war-torn and besieged Gaza. He spoke about their struggle in Gothenburg against the Israeli arms industry and their role in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

The next speaker was Samir Jeresi from the Palestinian Justice Centre Gothenburg and he spoke about the horrific situation for Gazans today and their constant struggle for justice.

A group of Palestinian children participated in an emotional act, holding in their hands, balloons in the colours of the Palestinian flag. They translated two personalised messages from other children, stuck in Gaza, and shared their own stories, wishing the people of Gaza life, play, love and justice.

The theatre group Moria performed on the portside with their show Voices from Gaza, a powerful story about the terrible situation in Gaza.

Ship to Gaza friend and paediatrician Henry Ascher came to give Handala his blessing and wish us a safe journey. He talked about the situation in Gaza and the children who themselves never wanted anything but to be able to play in freedom.

The event ended with a performance from Helal, a Palestinian artist who played beautiful rhythms and the public showed their happiness and gratitude with a spontaneous folk dance.

During the day, the Solens Port Cultural Association sold coffee and baked foods and collected donations for Ship to Gaza Sweden, thank you!

The events continue on 05/05 at 14:00 outside the opera house.