Newcastle Events

🚨 Attention Newcastle, May 19-21!

Unfortunately, we’ve received a bad news that due to technical problems with the boat, it couldn’t continue sailing to Newcastle. The crew had to return to fix the boat. However, we’re pleased to announce that despite this setback, the crew and participants will fly to Newcastle to join our events and uphold our commitment to solidarity and support for the children of Gaza!

Please join us for the events still scheduled to take place, where participants and crew will come as well:

🌟 *Sunday, May 19th*:
The Static Rally at 1:00 PM in Baltic Square, Gateshead. Let your voice be heard as we rally and share inspiring speeches.

🌸 *Monday, May 20th*: Engage in meaningful discussions and empower women at Beit Sitti – Women in Palestine event from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Bilal Masjid Community Hall, Meldon St, Newcastle upon Tyne. Note: this is a women-only event.

🎬 *Monday, May 20th*: Dive into the impactful narrative of “The Truth: Lost at Sea” at our Movie Screening at 6:00 PM in Tyneside Irish Centre, Newcastle. Following the screening, participate in an enlightening Q&A session with the movie director, Rifat Audeh, where both participants and crew will share insights.Newcastle May 20

Though the boat may not be physically present, our solidarity and support for Gaza’s children sail stronger than ever. Don’t miss out on these enriching opportunities to stand together for a cause that transcends borders. See you there! 🇵🇸