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Handala Engages Is Welcomed by Palestine Solidarity Groups in Cobh, Ireland

After participating in several events in Rotterdam, the crew took a few days to carry out various maintenance on the boat. There was a very strong storm on the English channel which was not allowing Handala to set off.  Finally, facing severe waves and very strong winds we sailed a very challenging trip for the crew.

Fog Handala Ireland

After a technical stop in the UK and 40 hours of sailing, Handala arrived in Cobh, Cork, Ireland.

Arriving in Cobh, Cork was something special. We were received with a warm welcome and a couple of hundred people were waiting for us at the central harbor, singing songs island chanting in support of the Palestinian people.

Handala participant Daniel from the US

At the rally in Cork city, Fellipe Lopes, FFC representative on board Handala, addressed the FFC and its mission to Gaza. “In Ireland, we have seen thousands of people on the streets every single week, including many of you, demanding government action. Finally, after much struggle and many demonstrations by civil society, Ireland took an important step by recognizing Palestine’s statehood, alongside 132 other states. But that’s not enough. The Irish government must place sanctions on Israel. We need concrete actions!”  John spoke, accusing Joe Biden of both funding and approving the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Later that evening, the Cobh Palestine Solidarity Campaign (CPSC) welcomed the Freedom Flotilla Coalition crew of the Handala at a panel discussion event to engage with the local community:

Frances Black, an Independent Senator, addressed the group about the illegal settlements in the West Bank, the genocide taking place in Gaza, and his support for the Flotilla.

On Sunday, the local community held several activities for the kids on Cobh. They created several crafts to show their support for the children in Gaza.

We visited the student encampment in University College Cork and spoke with the students who have camped out for several weeks and are pushing the college body to divest.

Cobh march

student encampment

Then we set off to Brest in France.

Thank you to:

Cobh Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Midleton Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign
The Port of Cork
Coral Leisure Centre
The Sirius Arts Centre