Handala Heads for Brest, France

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‘Handala’ about to Land in Brest, France: Warm Welcome and Exciting Events Await

We are thrilled to announce that ‘Handala’ is about to reach Brest, France! The ship is set to arrive and host a series of events from June 12th to 15th.

In anticipation of our arrival, we received a heartwarming message from the Syndicat CGT des Marins du Grand Ouest, the union of sailors from the Greater West of France:

“Solidarity among Sailors Worldwide! The crew of ‘Handala’ brings a message of Hope and Peace, standing as ‘soldiers without weapons’. The Syndicat CGT des Marins du Grand Ouest wholeheartedly supports their stopover in Brest. We eagerly await their arrival at Quai La Pérouse on June 12, 2024. We invite all sailors who can to join us at Quai La Pérouse in the Port du Château in Brest on June 12th, in the afternoon, to welcome the ‘Handala’ crew. Our union’s presence on the French coast transcends political labels and emphasizes our commitment to peace, advocating for an end to all violence, hatred, and conflict. We call for Peace in Gaza and across the world.

Members of the Syndicat CGT des Marins de Brest, who travel globally for their work, condemn the current state of affairs and urge world leaders to reflect and act with greater compassion and humility.”

We are deeply grateful for this warm reception and are excited to share the following schedule for ‘Handala’s stay in Brest:

June 12: Welcome ‘Handala’ at noon with a festive fanfare and choir performance at Quai La Pérouse, Port du Château.
June 13: Visit ‘Handala’ and meet the crew!
June 13: Attend a talk by Dr. Raphaël Pitti, a professor of emergency medicine & humanitarian surgeon who went to Gaza, at 8pm at the Maison du peuple, Place Edouard MAZE.
June 14: From 5 pm, meeting / discussion with crew and participants. Starting at 6pm, enjoy an evening of music with performances by various local groups on the quayside, Quai La Pérouse, Port du Château.

We invite everyone to join us in Brest for these special events and to experience the spirit of ‘Handala’.

For more information, contact:
Claude Léostic, Collectif brestois pour une Paix juste au Proche-orient
+33 672 516 490, [email protected]
Freedom Flotilla Press Officer, Fellipe Lopes, +35389 9816604.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Collectif brestois pour une Paix juste au Proche-orient for their warm welcome and support. We look forward to seeing you in Brest!

Join us!

The boat 'Handala' at sea, coastline in the background, calm waters.
‘Handala’ at sea.