Ibrahim Adham (Malaysia)

Ibrahim Adham bin A.Khalil, 29, born and raised in Malaysia, is a dedicated humanitarian advocate renowned for his impactful work on Palestinian issues. His journey began in 2013 when he was selected to join a humanitarian mission to Gaza by Aqsa Syarif (now MyCARE) along his parents, a transformative experience that ignited his lifelong commitment to supporting marginalized communities. Over the years, Ibrahim has actively participated in various missions across Jordan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Turkey, and the Philippines. He founded and led the youth activist group Standup Flashmob, initiating numerous Palestine-related activities such as street fundraising initiatives, flashmobs, and performances at both local and international events. His dedication to raising awareness about Palestinian issues is further demonstrated by his YouTube videos, which have garnered over 360,000 views, highlighting the ongoing struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people.

“My unwavering commitment to Palestine is fueled by the powerful traits of resilience, unwavering determination and indomitable spirit of the Palestinian themselves. They are the chosen group of people who are extremely special, that had inspired billion people across the globe in many ways (patience, gratitude, resilience, resistance, hope, unity love, humanity, dignity) with their struggle for justice and freedom. It is my mission to bring their stories to the forefront, advocating for justice and fostering global awareness about their enduring struggles and resilience.” – Ibrahim Adham

Ibrahim can be interviewed in English and Bahasa Malaysia.