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Ili Suhaimi

Ili Suhaimi (Malaysia)

Dr. Ili Suhaimi was born and raised in Malaysia, a country well-known for its support for the Palestinian cause. She is affiliated with MyCARE, a Malaysian-based organisation that is a member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. She believes in the freedom and human rights of the Palestinians, especially for the children who are the future

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Awni on the deck of Handala, beside a Palestinian flag, with green shoreline in the background, going through the Caledonian Canal in Scotland.

Awni Farhat (Palestine)

Awni is a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, born and raised in Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza. In Gaza, Awni worked with children and youth with a wide range of civil society organizations, including the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) as a project coordinator. For two years, he was also the Products

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